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ROS driver for iRobot's Create 1 and 2

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ROS driver for iRobot's Create 1 & 2. This package wraps the C++ library libcreate, which uses iRobot's Open Interface Specification.

Supported Robots

Model Support
Create 1 Yes
Create 2 (firmware >= 3.2.6) Yes
Roomba Original Series No *
Roomba 400 Series Yes *
Roomba 500 Series Yes *
Roomba 600 Series Yes *
Roomba 700 Series Yes +
Roomba 800 Series Yes +
Roomba 900 Series No *

+ Verified by third-party.

* Not verified. Anyone who is able to verify that this driver works or not is encouraged to contact Jacob with their findings or open an issue.


Feature Status
Odometry Available
Safe mode Planned #13
Clean demo Planned #14
Dock demo Available
Drive wheels N/A
Drive (v,w) Available
Brush motors Planned #15
LEDs Available
Digit LEDs Available
Sound Planned #5
Wheeldrop Available
Bumpers Available
Cliff sensor Planned #22
Dirt detect N/A
Omni IR sensor Available
Left IR sensor N/A
Right IR sensor N/A
Battery info Available
Light sensors Available
Corrupt Packets Planned
Phyiscal tests Planned
Overcurrent info Planned