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voice +1 778 782 2466 (Richard Vaughan)
+1 778 782 6985 (TASC 8001 student office)
+1 778 782 6982 (TASC 7000 robot lab)
fax+1 778 782 3045 (Computing Science office)
mail Richard Vaughan / Autonomy Laboratory
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC. V5A 1S6
location TASC 8001 (Students)
TASC 7000 (Robot lab)
TASC 8009 (Vaughan) [ SFU Directions page ]

[image of the world with lab location marked]

Simon Fraser University is in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
BC is on the north west coast of North America, just above the US-Canadian border.

[ariel view of SFU campus, showing lab location]

The Autonomy Lab is on the SFU Campus on top of Burnaby Mountain, 365m above the Burrard Inlet, and seen at the bottom right of this image looking north up Indian Arm. The inlet joins the Georgia Strait at Vancouver, 20km west of campus.

[view from Burnaby mountain]

View from Burnaby Mountain Park, just off campus, looking north up Indian Arm, November 2003.

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